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    The chartered accounting firm is a highly-regarded key player when it comes to drawing-up consolidated sets of accounts, or consolidated accounts reporting on consolidation software packages such as SAP Finance(Cartesis) and Reflexe Equilibre.

    Atriom is a consultancy specialised in Consolidating/Reporting accounts. Atriom brings its trade know-how to draw-up your consolidated sets of accounts and provides the referent software packages on the market (SAP, Reflexe Equilibre). When working with us you may decide to outsource your financial accounting (Consolidation Full Pack) or to opt for consolidation of accounts assistance offer.

    To answer your needs related to sets of accounts consolidation or consolidated reporting and make sure we act efficiently, we offer to draw-up your consolidated sets of accounts according to a consolidation charter.

    Atriom Consolidation Full Pack offers our clients a turnkey, flexible, and reasonably priced accounting consolidation provision of service. This offer brings to the fore Atriom's chartered account firm staff's expertise and skills in consolidation.

    The interest of Atriom chartered accountant firm's consolidation full pack is to provide flexible outsourcing solution for your accounting consolidation or your consolidated reporting whatever accounting standards you choose (CRC 99-02, IFRS).

    Atriom's Consolidation Services Full Pack methodology has been built through a wide experience in consolidating/reporting sets of accounts. This methodology adjusts to every consolidation software packages on the market. Our objective is to bring you the highest added value possible when drawing-up your consolidated sets of accounts.

    The Consolidation Services Full Pack basic structure hinges around a well-tested methodology, specialised competences on every French accounting standard, leading consolidation software packages, specific tools dedicated to improve our efficiency.

    Atriom works with the major software packages on the market, and provide its clients with its technical know-how when it comes to integrating, using, or maintaining software packages.

    In close co-operation with its partners, Atriom offers a secure and operative asp consolidation solution.

    Atriom is an independent chartered accountant which offers its clients a turnkey and reasonably priced solution dedicated to draw-up its consolidated sets if accounts.

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    Atriom is a vocational training body and offers its clients a wide range of sessions in consolidation/reporting and IFRS standards.

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    Atriom offers a wide range of provision of services to daily help its clients when it comes to accounting, tax management, social and organizational issues.

    Consolidation as a whole: experts from Atriom firm can help you on every transverse issues you may face as part of your consolidation works.

    Offer designed to answer the needs of our clients in financial assets assessing, such as brands, customer goodwill within the frame of Reviewed Purchase Price Allocation IFRS 3

    Financial Instruments

    Purchase Price Allocation. When consolidation sets of accounts in French or in International standards (IFRS/IAS, IFRS3) the group of companies must be able to asset the fair value of assets and liabilities it acquired. Atriom evaluation department can help you ascertain the value of these elements, and communicate the figures to your auditors.

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    Consolidation trade requires usage and knowledge of numerous software tools. Atriom offers its clients to use the most popular consolidation and reporting tools on the market in France and abroad. Atriom also provides its own tools developed during the course of its numerous consolidation missions. In particular, our clients can use WAKAI, our intercompany reconciliation platform, Atriom DOMINO, our development and reporting modelling platform, and Atriom REPORT, our restitution support platform.

    Atriom is regularly looking junior or experienced members or staff. We are currently looking for seasoned consolidators capable of managing teams and client portfolios. Applicants must have had a similar experience in another accounting firm for at least 3 years.We are also looking for junior or experienced members of staff to join our chartered accounting department.

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