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Atriom recruits

Atriom Recrute
Concerned about positioning itself as a leader, Atriom voluntarily chose to develop business-like and uncompromising processes
in a human-sized context. Therefore, Atriom is organized in two well-defined departments:

  • Consolidation / Reporting Services
  • Auditing and Consulting Services

When joining our firm you will not become specialized in every subject but we can provide you with:

Authoritative training
Thanks to on-the-job training, to workshops,
and above all to methodological frames designed by Atriom

High quality Working environment
  Thanks to managers and mission leaders coming from big audit firms,
  and concerned about developing balanced relationships
An ambitious field of freedom
  Because we are aware that you are building your own career path,
  we want to witness your capacity to learn, to suggest and to grow.

A balance between working and personal life
  Because we know that when you feel at ease at work, you feel good at home and respectively

Our permanent job vacancies are aimed at young professionals, experienced professionals, and managers.

Young and experienced professionals:

Area: Consolidation / Reporting or Audit
Location : Paris,8th district (Saint Lazare Railway Station)
Required level:
With or without experience,
Student or qualified from a business school or
  a university
Scope of intervention for Consolidation/Reporting Consultants:
Assisting managers,
Learning Consolidation basics,
Discovering benchmarked consolidation software packages and Atriom's
toolkit Scope of intervention: Audit Consultants:
Assisting managers,
Gradual learning of  
, auditing methodology, particularly appropriate for
Middle Market group of companies.


Area: Consolidation / Reporting or Audit
Location : Paris,8th district (Saint Lazare Railway Station)
Required level:
Qualified from a business school or a university,
7 years of experience in an Accounting/Audit firm,
Excellent mastering of IFRS standards,
English practice.
Missions :
In connection with a partner, you will have to manage
young and more experienced professionals. You produce
dossiers and manage technical supervision as well as customer relationship.
Scope of intervention: Consolidation/Reporting Managers:
Extending of technical difficulties related to
  consolidation issues,
Mastering of the two main software packages used in the
  firm (Business Object-Cartesis, AS Groupe)
Displaying and Supervising Atriom's,
  methodology structured around the “Consolidated statement of changes in Equity”.
Scope of intervention: Audit Managers:
Supervising mission’s directions,
Supervising syntheses and clients reports,
Taking part in Transaction Services Missions,
Taking part in Training sessions and
methodology evolution .

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