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Information System Offer

Atriom's IT team offers a wide choice of services around our consolidation and chartered accounting trades.

You may be enabled to:

  • Very quickly develop, from your own server, turnkey solutions such as:
    • SAP Financial Consolidation (SAP FC) base with a IFRS or French Gaap standard

    • WAKAI base to help you deal with the reconciliation of intercompany accounts

    • ATRIOM DOMINO, a development platform which enables you to quickly build a database client/server or 3-tier on O/S Windows or Linux. This tool aims to make you feel independent when modelling and designing the layout of your reporting

  • Behelped to integrate the main tools of the market
  • Design custom-made peripheral tools. As examples, we have already developed for our clients:
    • For an investment fund: A software package which calculates IRR from a cash-flow database

    • For an industrial group: A software package which values companies according to the DCF method, connected to the existing computer application

    • For an investment fund: A software package that works-out 5-year business plan

    • For a distribution group: An e-mailing software package

    • etc...