Atriom consolidation reporting expertise et audit

Legal Audit

Atriom auditing methodology is characterised by:

  • A permanent care about abiding by professional practices standards
    and auditing firms professional code of ethics.

  • Our team's commitment to know about
    and to understand the business fields of our clients.

  • A personalized and regular relationship with major roles in the company.

  • Most of the time, a written communication with the management of the company
    in order to add value to our missions and to display our conclusions.

Within that frame, we offer a range of missions capable of promoting the mastering
and the reliability of your financial accounts and processes.
The implementation of Atriomlegal auditing missions always results in:

  • A global approach of the company
    and of its core business so as not only look at the financial aspects.

  • A favoured focus on assessing internal control to be able to make high added value
    suggestions when it comes to protect assets,
    to improve performances, and to secure risks.



Transparency report - article R.823-21
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