Atriom - Financial Consolidation and reporting services
The firm Consolidation and Reporting offer

Consolidation and Reporting offer

Atriom's consolidators take advantage of the most innovative practices and technologies on the market.

They master:

  • French and IFRS standards
  • Major software packages and related web hosting structures
  • Organisational data collecting and processing
  • Reporting records helping to produce a neat financial communication.

Simplicity of flat-rate contract and clarity of our consolidation charter are keys to a successful contractual agreement.
According to your needs the Consolidation-Reporting department is capable of accompanying you and offering you two major solutions.

Full Services Pack

Atriom’s Consolidation charter

+ A dedicated team of consultants
+ Access to listed software packages available on the market
+ Supplying of a technical platform
+ Atriom's methodological toolkit
+ Displaying of your accounting records in version 1
+ Permanent access to your customised Web space
+ Detailed restitution package
+ Supplying of the working folder
+ Audit assistance (and/or French stock Exchange Authority)

Consolidation Assistance

Atriom’s Consolidation charter

+ 100% on demand mission on your own software package